Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet is a new product I'm developing. Custom made stationary sets of 20 cards packaged in a telescoping box. These happen to be a set of offensive statements for that special someone.


Anonymous said...

What? No comments yet???

Anne- did you make one that says, "WTF is wrong with you people?" the cards-


Anne Elser said...

Mike - are you on Facebook? I uploaded them there and got a LOT of comments, all of them supportive, except for two, which I promptly deleted. :)

Anonymous said...

Good, I think it is brillant...will look you up on FB


maryk said...

"Why Don't"

Susie S. is going to love love these, especially that one.

Mary Campbell said...

these are brilliant, anne...simply brilliant. LOVE them.

Susie (-Stanton) +Scully said...

I got the cards this past week, and I am gob smacked speechless - the beauty, the swirling elegant calligraphy, the sheer effrontery of these in your face cards.... oustanding.
I can't wait to send my old mom the Fuck You Honey card. She'll understand ... won't she?... Mom? Mom?

Thank you Leslie for your thoughtful gift. Thank you Anne, for infusing them with that special joy! And the box itself is simply gorgeous - I love it!

WHY DON'T? is what I say.

PS - Need one that says "you owe me money, bitch."

Love, Susie S.

Anne Elser said...

THANKS everyone and SOOOO happy you're enjoying them Susie. Nice to meet you!

I love the idea of adding to them and YES, "You owe me money, bitch" is a good one for sure!

I'd also like to embroider these messages on handkerchiefs. Last night I thought stitching up "You're really not that special" on a pretty flowered hankie would be hysterical!

I know. I am evil.