Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anton Turns Three!

On Wednesday, Anton will officially be three years old. We celebrated last night with dinner and singing and presents at our place with Nanny & Baba. He got a street sweeper from us and said when opening it, "snuggle street sweeper." Mom and Dad got him a sandbox that he's playing in right now. He ate cake for the first time and loved it. Last night he woke up at 4am, nudging us out of bed to go downstairs to play with all his new trucks and toys. Finally went back to sleep with some tears (I was flooded with my own xmas eve memories as a child.)

Really fun to see him "get the birthday thing." Next year will be even more of a blast! I'll bring cupcakes to his class for lunch on Wednesday and we'll sing again. So excited!

Here are a bunch of photos. Enjoy!


Uhles said...

How is it possible that...
A) Anton is three
B) I don't have a super-cool Jaws shirt like that.

Anne Elser said...

A) You and I are 41.
B) You don't shop at Goodwill?
That's where we got it!