Sunday, January 04, 2009

Folding Triangle Scarf Finished!

Well. Having indeed met my maker (I'm talking about a knitter's orgasm) by working with this amazing cashmere from Art Yarns while following Lynn Vogel's Folding Triangle Scarf Pattern. I am almost sad to have finished the pattern. But not too sad to wear this lovely piece. It feels like butter around my neck.

I loved making all those varied triangles and feeling the cashmere slide through my fingers like deliciously expensive hand creme. Hmmm. I sound like an over or under-sexed crazy person.


Anonymous said...

looks beautiful Anne, and you work so quickly!

Anne Elser said...

Wull thank, Connie! I am actually one of the slowest knitters out there. If I knit too much or too quickly, I end up hurting my hands and getting a RSI. Last time I did that, my right index finger turned blue. No kidding. And now I've got Raynauds. Hmmmmph.