Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Haircut for the New Year

I've been cutting Doug's hair now for a couple of years and just discovered the secret to getting Anton to hold still while tending to his beautiful head of shiny golden hair: TV. Why had I not thought of this earlier?!?! I sat my little bunny in front of a Baby Einstein video and within 5 minutes, his whole head was cut and he barely blinked. Of course, I've been blinking back tears ever since. Every time his hair is cut, it makes him look so much older. I do love seeing his slender neck and being able to kiss it so easily. And he's really thinning out now - losing that baby fat and turning into a beautiful boy. I will miss his chubby thighs, but it seems that as soon as I mourn the passing of one stage, the glory of the next one shines brightly. Thank goodness for that! Oh, and Happy New Year!

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minus five said...

you're a pretty good home haircutter.