Saturday, June 14, 2008

I love my husband & I hate DOMINO.

Dougie Fresh sent this e-mail out to his dearest friends today and I, being his beloved, love him for it. I did not stamp this letter, but left it on his desk this this morning to stamp it, if he felt it was worth wasting money on. "This one's worth a stamp!" he said, and scanned in the letter for you all to see, before popping it in the mailbox.

Subject: Love My Wife
Date: June 13, 2008 7:27:13 PM EDT

I love my wife for many reasons, like for instance the son she gave me and all that. But her sense of humor is awesome.

Anne got tired of all the deceptive letters from DOMINO Magazine trying to convince her that she owed them money because she had accepted a 'free' issue or two. So this little gem went out in the US mail today.



ButtonHole said...

Man, I've been getting these mags in the mail for a while now. I swear I didn't order them! From whence do they come? I've not been billed yet, though, but I know just what to say when I am!! Thanks!

(It's weird how they include a page of all those little self-adhesive tabs to stick on pages, right? To remind yourself what you want to buy, recommend, activate, obliterate, regulate, and curse?)

asfjh said...

he he that's well funny.

ktothefe said...

Anne Elser, you're a rock star!