Sunday, April 27, 2008

SO Grown UP

Here's my not so little anymore little bird petting Gunther gently.

Anton had the flu last week and then I had it Friday night and then Doug got it last night. It has been horrific. Glad I don't have any photos of THAT to share? Being sick is one thing, but taking care of 2 men at the same time is truly challenging. I wish I could recover by myself! How do other mothers do it?


Anonymous said...

he looks like a little man!

Anonymous said...

He's SOO delicious, Anne! I'm sorry you all were fluish! Quite yucky! Silas & Kevin had hand, foot & mouth (COXSAKIE VIRUS)...have you ever heard of it? I hadn't, but, apparently, it's become quite common. Treat yourself to some rest now that all are well!