Monday, January 14, 2008


This disturbing image comes with an endearing message.

Peter, Glo and Mia came to town for the weekend to help celebrate Dad's 70th birthday. Some point in the conversation, we started talking about teeth. Dad flew upstairs and returned to Peter and me with two little jars with our names on the outside. Inside was the stash of two lifetime's worth of Tooth Fairy paychecks: our baby teeth.

Thanks Mom and Dad, for the tooth fairy. For candy and cake and ice cream (see my cavities) and fabulous slumber parties with friends and the best ever birthday parties by far in the neighborhood. Thanks for 2 years of braces (see the 4 permanent teeth with long beautiful roots?) and my retainer and 5 years of art school, 10 of piano lessons and mucho help with grad school. Thank you for tubes in my ears to keep infections away.

Thank you for giving me so many reasons to smile. I love you.


maryk said...

here's what my brothers and i found in a closet in savannah:

Anne Elser said...

Ish! Hey! I don't see any filings. No fair!

Nancy said...


Dad and I just read this blog. It was a joy and privilege to be raise you darling children...teeth et al.

Dad couldn't stand to just toss those sweet little teeth.