Wednesday, August 01, 2007

~:A M • I • O L D • N O W ?:~

I've had several students mention lately their fascination/infatuaion with the 80's. This, I cannot understand. Well, maybe I can stretch a bit. But shit! It makes me feel so vintage. Are the 80's considered vintage now? I'll be 40 next year. FOURTY. God help me.

But back to the 80's, what's so great about them? I was there. Trust me when I tell you they SUCKED. Acne. Heartache. Hormones. Bitchy cheerleaders. Sweaty pep rallys. Cramps. Oy.

The only good thing about the 80's for me was that the 90's followed. I found myself in art school. Ok. I have to admit that the music was pretty wonderful. More powerful and fun than the sleepy 70's, right?

But anyway. Just to prove the suck factor of the 80's really existed, is this lovely photo of me at one of those high school dance thingies. I went to only one of them. My date's name was "Tigger", the younger brother of my best friend's boyfriend. Yup. I was a loser.

See the haircut? I painted a pink streak in my bangs every morning. This was the year before I got a mohawk. That picture comes next. :)


Lynn said...

Wow, I love it! Please bring the mohawk picture to class next week :)

Jessica said...

Well the 80's thing is ironic. Or I should say was. Because the hipster scene is showing the 80's thing is over. It is all about the early 90's now.

(BTW: I've always thought the 80's seemed to suck too.)

Anne Elser said...


That is very encouraging news. The 90's were SO great - so much more fulfilling. I never liked the baroque overkill of the 80's anyway.

Lynnette, mohawk coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Anne, don't fret too much about forty. It wasn't that bad( come this spring, I'll be able to tell you what 50 tastes like). The only warning: if you hear a loud's probably your metabolism shutting down. I gained 30 pounds that first year.
I didn't really care for the 80's either and preferred the "sleepy" 70's....mainly due to personal and economic reasons. It's all perspective. Although, both my daughters are a product of 80's.....and that's good.

P.S. love the photo. you look great! looking forward to the MOHAWK!

Nancy said...

You were absolutely darling. Trigger was very tall and a nice boy I thought but look what waiting for darling Doug got you.
Don't I have a sculpture of Trigger's?

Anne Elser said...

Mom - it's TIGGER, not Trigger. Sheese.

But you're right. He was a really nice guy and I think I hurt his feelings.

And yes. Doug was worth the wait!