Monday, April 16, 2007

~:P E T T I N G • Z O O:~

Olaf doesn't get as much press as Bjorn, but I think these photos make up for it. Anton sat in the grass for the first time today. He's learning how to sit up. You can see him beginning to tip near the end. Poor guy. He had a nice long nap after these were taken.

Nanny bought him the hat. Nancy Lauber knit him the sweater. And I think the lillies you see behind me are from Aunt Jacki years ago. David Arnold suggested we encourage Anton to pitch with his left hand.

I think this is a good start.


Doug Elser said...

Pretty sure that's a mutli-sport star, there. Just am opinion...and a completely unbiased one at that.

Mary Campbell said...

He is a adorable and, might I say, you have been quite the SUPER-BLOGGER lately...putting my one-post-every-10-days-frequency to shame.

Tania should totally re-link you.

Anne Elser said...

Hey Tanks, Mary! Feels good to be back.