Sunday, April 29, 2007

~:S E L L I N G • O U T:~

I know. I suck. We said goodbye to the Landrover and traded it in for a {ahem} minivan. I never thought I'd cave in. I thought living in the suburbs was bad enough. But no. You're looking at a Hundai Entourage. At least it's red?! It's wonderful, though. Much better gas mileage and a kazillion cup holders and air bags inside. Room for lotsta people, all my school stuff, all of Anton's gear and the shit monkey, BjornMouse. So we're happy. And safe. A family. In a minivan.



Nancy said...

smile back to you

Anonymous said...

Does it have the DVD player? That thing is a life saver on trips with my brother and his kids.

ktothefe said...

I have mourned the loss of your beloved land rover, and look forward to seeing your beautiful M-Van majestically parked in the PC parking lot :)

Mary Campbell said...

I think it is perfect! Bottom line: the things we own do not define us...

Nancy said...

err-umm, mcaldwellc,
I drive a navy CRV with a dented rear fender, interior upholstery with oil paint smudges, a scattering of apple cores, water bottles, loose change, chap stick, toys, pacifier, car seat, a few of the dog's insulin needles and various, half crossed off "to do" lists. Did I leave anything out Anne?
So far my car's exterior and interior perfectly describes me....don't you think?

Anne Elser said...

AK: No DVD player. We got the basic model with no bells and whistles. Phooey.

Glad you like it Mary. You sure you don't think I'm a dork?

Mom - your car does NOT define you. Dad maybe, but not you. (smile)

minus five said...

dude, there's nothing wrong with life in the suburbs or with minivans. at least your van isn't ugly.

my parents bought a vw van for us to ride around in. not one of the cool, old ones either. a 1983 model. to make matters worse, it was two-tone brown.


when the engine blew up after only a few years, they bought another one, but this time it was gray and had a table inside. i was happy they converted back to regular cars before i had to drive one of those things.

A Citizen said...

The first song you should play in your new vehicle- "The Simple Life" by The Dandy Warhols-

"So get yourself into a ranch-style home
When the neighbor's never more than a stone's throw
Well I can tell you for the money
The simple life honey is good"

Welcome to the club! Been driving a Chrysler Town and Country for six years now!

Anne Elser said...


Thanks for your words of support.

Sarah - your brown on brown van sounds enticing!

Citizen, I've got a 1960's split level home. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

SUV's are just gas-guzzling minivans on steroids...And most people don't even need them (4wd and all). I know, that probably doesn't help the pain. It's hell to be practical, isn't it.