Saturday, November 25, 2006

We celebrated Anton's first Holiday this weekend starting with Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta and the rest of the weekend in Clayton. Above is a beautiful picture of Gloria and Mia holding Anton. They all got to meet for the first time.

Packing a car with a new baby is very tricky. We brought Bjorn, too, which only added to our load. Life's wonderfully complicated, though. The drive up was very happy. Doug and I used to make this trip wishing we had a baby in the back seat. This year our wish came true.

Introducing Anton to my brother Peter was a real thrill. Another dream come true. I am still battling headaches. I wish they would go away. I think the constant looking down and handling the baby is hard on my neck and shoulders. Being an older mother I'm sure makes it harder, too. I so want to feel normal. When I don't have a headache, it's so liberating. THIS is what I'm supposed to feel like! It's what normal should be.
I'll continue to be patient.

We took more pictures of the weekend. Check them out!

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Thanksgiving in Clayton

Oh, and I miss you all. I miss being able to blog, having the energy to float around and visit other blogs. I miss knitting every day. I miss sleep. I miss feeling well. But when you see the pictures we're taking of Anton, you'll see the logic of why our race thrives. There's no denying him. His job is to sleep and eat and thrive. And mine is to make sure he does.

Love to you all,



Mary Campbell said...

Great Pics! He is such a cutie pie. Glad you had a great Turkey day...I got to spend some time with my adorable niece and try to teach her some profanity...she'll learn the important things from Aunt Murray (as she calls me).

Mo said...

what a tease! are you sure you guys don't need to come to Houston for some reason? how am i going to wait until June? he is so adorable and the whole family looks great. Hey, I'm headed to the Double B Ranch in March for a reunion with the ladies. YeeHa, can't wait to get back on the Ranch.

Tania Rochelle said...

Anton should model.

And Peter looks so grown up!

Anonymous said...

He is SO beautiful! And, how he has grown! I promise I WILL come by to pick up my dish...I keep forgetting to call first & don't want to disturb you. So great to see all your family enjoying dear Anton.

Jason said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my movies back. There are some spaces in my DVD binder. However it is good to see you and Anton in full RGB mode. Ian is 6 months old now, he can hold himself up while sitting, and has learned to giggle and laugh like a champ. It's amazing.

Christy said...
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Christy said...

we miss you around PC, Anne...especially around *this time of the month*...meaning critique!

Sometimes I read your blog and I think...I feel so many of your same emotions however on such a different landscape as I finish 7th quarter. I am scared and overwhelmed and terrified and excited and feel terrible because I haven't slept and although I am not looking out for a new human being...I feel like the new life on the horizon is my own.

I can't even imagine having my first child!

Thanks for all you have taught me throughout this journey. I hope to see you very soon!!