Sunday, November 05, 2006

~: S I X • W E E K S • O L D:~

Good morning Friends of Anton,

Things are going well here at the Elser house. I have been recovering very well and finally feel like myself again. Here's why:

1. Headaches are getting better. In addition to meds from the neurologist, I am seeing my chiropractor again, who suspected a pinched nerve might be part of my head pain. He was correct and I've got my life back again.

2. I can take walks again. And am strong enough to push Anton's carriage. This is very freeing, feeling the cool fall breeze and pushing my baby while he sleeps.

3. I can drive again. I'm off the meds that make me too sleepy to drive. So now I've got my independence back and can go out whenever I wish, as long as someone can watch Anton.

4. I can carry Anton in his carrier. I'm strong enough to lift him in and out of the car without doing damage to my surgery site or my neck and shoulders. This means we can go out TOGETHER whenever we wish! Even more independence.

5. Anton can sleep a 6 hour stretch at night! So we often get enough sleep at night, which is wonderful feeling.

6. Bjorn is back home! And is a different dog, after having lived with the pack for over a month. He follows directions much better now, is not a fussy eater any longer and is respectful of Anton and "shows" Anton to newcomers who enter the house. He's eager and well adjusted and not a bit jealous. God bless Vida Ellis, who kept him safe and entertained while I was so sick.

7. I went to church last Sunday and received prayer for my continued healing. The person praying with me got the sense that I had attached shame to my difficulties with the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She was right. So we prayed about that specifically. There's a part of me that thinks brought this experience on myself and that I deserved the pain and difficulty. As if! I am so mean to myself. Right after prayer, I had an opportunity to reject the shame in response to a mildly shaming remark made by someone who came to see Anton. Though it might have been well intended, this person attempted to minimize my discomfort by explaining that it was my duty as a woman to suffer through the pregnancy and that my experience was no more or less painful than any other woman's. "Oh, no" I said. "This was no normal pregnancy or birth. I had three rare pregnancy complications, two of which were life-threatening and one of which could have been prevented, were it not for the neglect of the nurse the day I had the seizure." So I was able to defend myself without returning the favor of shame. Way to go Anne!

I can't imagine how much stronger I will feel once I begin working again. Being able to balance Anton with my previous life before pregnancy will feel wonderful, I am sure. I want all my worlds to meet.

I love having Mom and Dad so close. It's like Christmas every day, having them here to play with and love Anton. Giving your parents a grandchild is the best way to say thank you for al the years of love and sacrifice they gave to you. I am so in love and man, oh man. do I understand my mother more now. More than ever before. Being a mother myself, even at this early stage, has done a lot to broaden my understanding of her perspective. The bond between mother and child is based on emotion purely. Without the emotion, the physical link doesn't work. Breast milk comes only when you think about and love your baby. Milk production is powered by your need for your baby and his for you. It's an amazing process. And I am humbled by it.

I have new pictures for you all to see here: Anton: Week 6

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.



Jason said...

good to see you back. Keep up the good work. The family and I are back in Texas staying with the in-laws and I just signed a job offer as Art Director with MasonBaronet. Will be lots of fun.

Angie said...

He sure is a looker. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Christy said...
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Christy said...

Christy said...
He is beautiful Anne! My thoughts are with you and your family as you continue. He really is CUTE. Look at that face!I haven't seen such a gorgeous baby in quite some time. I can't wait to meet him. We miss you around school, come visit soon!! xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Anton is simply exquisite & delicious! I will stop by (when I remember)To pick up the dish &, if it's convenient, maybe Bjorn can show me "his" baby. I can see how he's growing & becoming more alert! Isn't life beautiful? (most of the time) I know you've discovered strength in yourself, that you didn't know you had. I'm so proud of you!

Nancy said...

Thank you for my new grandson. I begin withdrawing if I don't see him every this morning. I just need to smell his little shirt, or bootie. Kissing his neck would be good. I am in love and he is perfect.
You too Anne and darling Doug.
Thanks for buying a house only 3 minutes away and not minding my frequent "helloo-oo? It's Nanny".


Collin Kelley said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Anne. Glad everything with Anton has worked out. You have plenty to be thankful for this year.