Sunday, June 11, 2006

~:W O N D E R * W O M A N:~

Tania Recently posted a childhood picture on her beelog, in response to a few of us other beeloggers who also think we looked either cute or ridiculous at a young age. I have a new one for you. (And I think we have started a trend, ladies).

Here's the story: The year my parents decided that celebrating Halloween was satantic and eeeevil, Peter and I passed out candy to all our neighborhood friends while in our PJ's. It was agony. We ended up fighting over who got to hold the bowl, so Mom sent us to bed early. Just about the worst night of my young life.

To compensate, she made Peter a Shazaam costme and me a Wonder Woman costume for the following night of "blessing treating" at the church. Oy. Well, it was better than nothing. Back to the costume: I still remember her sewing on the stars to my blue shorts. I got to wear a wig (yes I think we used spray net, too), fasle eyelashes (that glue nearly made me go blind in both eyes), Lee Press-On Nails (although you can't see them here) and yes, HIGH HEELED SHOES (wish you could see those, too). I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Completely worth the sacrifice of the previous night. My best Halloween ever.

Don't I look spendid? I think this slimming costume does Wonders for me.


minus five said...

i had wonder woman underoos. i think my picture of that one is at home.

Doug Elser said...

honey you are the best wonderwoman E V A H.

Mary Campbell said...

That is a stunning should wear that to critiques.

Anne Elser said...

thank you mary. Thank you. I just think I might. Though it might be a little distracting an all.