Sunday, June 18, 2006

~:W E E K * 2 3 * T U M M Y:~

We are up in Clayton this weekend for Doug's first father's day. I gave him a haircut and we're just about to open up pwesents. Oh, happy day. I love him. Have been waited on hand and foot up here - and proof of that is seen in my ankles which used to be cankles (that's terminology from Tania). My legs itch less up here - maybe it has something to do with swelling and stress - I dunno. But putting your feet up as much as you can seems to do the trick.

I am so happy. Da Bimp Page has been updated. Will post more lovely pictures of Doug, Dad, Mom and the doggies when they've been properly edited.

We've been searching for Bimp room furniture - only a few more months before he arrives. Found an incredible 7-piece set of Deco bedroom furniture with orange bakelite handles. Oh my god was that wonderful - and to make it even more hard to bear the thought that I could not have it was that someone got the whole set for $600.00!! Godhelpme. Ah well. There will be something else waiting for us somewhere. We don't want a ruffled, sterile and anemic nursery look for Bimp - rather - deep rich colors that excite and soothe - an extension of who we are as a household. This will be a play room for all of us, BjornMouse included. So it's fun thinking of how this new space will nourish all of us. I can't wait!~

Love to you all,



Mo said...

thanks for keeping us out-of-towners updated. i feel so much a part of the experience! For your ankles....drink lot's of water, stay off the salt, keep elevated on the arm of your couch and dougiemouse needs to rub them nightly! happy dad's day to "the man".

Harpy said...

I love that preggoshirt! Beautiful.

Anne Elser said...

A- thanks for the compliment! PIcked that one out by myself. It also came in this yummy green - which I am mourning not getting. I am so vain.

Alice! DougieMouse rubs Sarna into my legs every night before bed and oh, is is heavenly. And after having the whole weekend canckle free, I am determined to change my workstation habits right away.

Doug Elser said...

i am here to state again, unequivocally, that my wife is one gorgeous woman.