Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh man, Sarah, now I don't know what to do. I am gravid with doubt. (he he)

I can't sleep. It's 4:30 in the morning. My legs are O N F I R E. This rash is killing me, God help me. I have broken skin and a growling stomache. And you think pregnancy is too easy? Kidding. I know what you meant. So is it to be "Tommy" or "Anne-Davnes"?

Of course, if Holger decides to teach the class while I'm teaching one myself, then all bets are off for now. But if I can take it now - I could do both. One now - the other later. Maybe that's the solution.

Like the picture?


minus five said...

yeah, you can always do both. or even all three in the end. you'll just have to decide which one will be the first, and that decision is always a tough one.

did you try getting some hydrocortisone cream for your rash legs? i'm not kidding. that stuff really works. it's a tube miracle. and they have one with aloe in it. there is even a hydrocortisone lotion.

and that picture is hilarious!

Harpy said...

I'm changing my vote to Tommy. Now that I think about it more, turning a hand done something into something digital might discredit it a bit. And you're so good at it already.

Mary Campbell said...

I still like the idea of the calligraphy font...but Sarah has a great point...that what comes from that pen is an extension of your heart ("All media are extensions of some faculty psychic or physical" -McLuhan). Digitizing that may diminish the spirit and emotive qualities that is possesses.

I am always more interested in work that has some personal strory attached to it...even though I have a hard time creating that myself...and what you wrote about your brother made ME cry... That being said, I imagine there is still a lot of pain and sadness around that experience for you. I would venture to say that whatever typeface you created for him would be aesthetically beautiful and emotionally powerful...and that is the purpose of art.

Now...I must stop procrastinating and get back to work...that is the CUTEST the glasses.

Anne Elser said...

Mary - I think you should change your last name to McLuhan already :)

Totally great feedback everybody. Really great feedback. I feel like I'm in class already. I wonder if I could do both at once - or if that'd be too much? Hmmmph. I wonder what the Bimp thinks....

As far as the caligraphy option goes - I'd see it more as creating a cousin for the hand calligraphy, rather than ruining what already is. There are no script/calligraphic fonts out there that I love. I wonder if that means I shold make my own - or if that's so for a reason. Can't hurt trying. It makes for a very interesting argument, huh.

These 2 options are so stunningly different - which is good. I like that tension.

Tania Rochelle said...

You look like a Lily Tomlin character.

Nancy said...

This is your mother speaking. I have no idea how I got this window and may never hit on it again or what happened to the "thing" I sent earlier.

that photo! You were so darling in every way. I remember that dress...and the ribbons. Where did you get those glasses??

I do not know enough to comment with equal weight as the other bloggers. I do trust that where ever you land and decide to dig will produce something beautiful.

love, mom
p.s. Hi Mary

Anne Elser said...

Mom!! You DID it! Yay!
We'll have to workon getting your picture uploaded so people can see you.

Those glasses were yours - remember?

Thanks for the swimming in happy thoughts gesture for Bimp. I think what needs paying attention to is the heart. And my heart wants to sing.


Mo said...

this is how i will always remember you! when i look at you now, i will always see those pigtails and that big smile. cousin alice

Anonymous said... - typography!