Thursday, March 30, 2006

~:W T F:~So I was chatting with Mary this afternoon and we were lamenting the fact that our blogs don't get nearly as many commentors as our friend Tania's blog does. WHY FUCKING NOT!?!? Are we that boring? Want me to start making shit up? Sheese!~


Mary: does Tania pay people to leave messages on her blog?

Anne: i am SO envious of how many commentors she has

Mary: I feel so unpopular after I see how many people leave messages on her blog.

Anne: I mean COME ON.

Mary: HELLO! We have pretty cool blogs, too!

Anne: That's why I put a counter on my site.

Mary: me too!

Anne: So I know people are there - even when they don't say so.

Mary: exactly...but it is ridiculous how many people leave her messages...maybe that is a writer thing.


Mary: maybe I should ask people to leave me thumbnails.

Anne: or she's just more fucking popular than we - beeotch

Mary: or, I'd like to believe she's paying them. There has to be some kind of incentive.

Anne: she probably IS paying them

Mary: and she scolded me for not posting to her blog after just 1 week.

Mary: 1 week!

Anne: oh Tania

Anne: she has really lost it

Mary: I think I'll blog about her on my blog and see what happens.

Anne: yeah - me, too.

Anne: i hate her - don't you?

Mary: she is such a bitch.

Anne: we should post this conversation...

Anne: see how she likes it.

Mary: lol

Mary: on her blog.

Anne: i think i will!

Anne: LOL

Mary: that'll teach her a lesson

Anne: yeah

Anne: those writers

Anne: "writers"

Mary: fucking writers.

Anne: lol

Mary: god, and writing is soooo easy.

Mary: everyone can do that.

Anne: as if they do any REAL work

Anne: sheese

Mary: yeah....they just sit around, smoke pot and write silly poetry.

Anne: BAD whiney poetry!

Anne: Oh dark garden of my heart, like tears in the rain, I long for you...

Mary: lol

Anne: ...and under partly cloudy skies, i will sit here alone, by myself and cry of the aching world.

Mary: I would like to see Tania paint.

Anne: YEAH

Mary: actually, that would be rather interesting.

Anne: let's tie her up and see what happens - or put her in Hank's class

Mary: nah, she'd probably fuck it up.

Anne: yeah. prolly

Mary: Yeh, I'd like to see the bitch write with her hands tied.

Anne: upside down

Mary: you should definately post this to her blog.

Anne: i'll do it!


maryk said...

I feel weird when nobody comments on mine, sometimes. Yeah, there are people who have TONS. But a lot of times, they're not really saying much. Just concurring. I don't have a counter, but whenever someone tells me that they read my blog, and I had no idea, i want to say, and I have a few times, "why don't you comment?" "I'm just not a commentor. But I read it everyday!" Others, I bet think, "girl, be glad I don't comment, cuz I never agree with you." But I wouldn't mind hearing that stuff, too.
Just comment.
And look, I just commented on commenting on your post about commenting and lack of commenting and posting about commenting.

Anne Elser said...

Oh, Mary I feel somuch better! THANK you. I, myself probably don't comment as much as I would like other people to. Sad to say.

I wonder if Bjorn started his own blog - if more people would comment on his than mine. Hmmmm.

maryk said...

I think it seems that there's so unspoken standard, that to get comments (unless you're famous or super-inflammatory or graphic or something like that) you need to make comments. That seems to be usually true. Also, consistent posts also keeps people reading and interested, it seems. I can't believe I'm typing this.

Anne Elser said...

There are just too many days in between blogging days where nothing eventful's going on. Nothing worth writing about. Maybe my life's that boring? I dunno.

maryk said...

Ithink it's that you're living your life, instead of blogging it. You win in that scenario. I just go on spurts.

ablebody said...

man, tania's got a great blog. i think i'll be reading THAT one from now on.

Anne Elser said...

Oh, MAN you are MEAN Matt! Mean, mean, MEAN!!!

Tania Rochelle said...

Dang, I go see my therapist and the earth shifts while I'm gone.

Mary says, ..."and she scolded me for not posting to her blog after just 1 week."

Girls, there's the secret. Ask minus five. I get an email from her every day, asking, You still whining about not getting any comments?

No, I'm busting people for lurking in the shadows. Bunch o' pussies. Bad as "artists."

I ain't blogging to hear myself talk!

Or am I?

Anonymous said...

I think Tania is blogging to hear herself talk, but thanks for turning me on to her blog.

minus five said...

she does blog to hear herself talk. and if there is a drought period of two or three hours and an entry of her's has not been commented on, she sends me an email telling me how her feelings are hurt and that i need to post a comment.

here is some real, live email correspondence from her:

t: Now go over and comment on my blog. I ain't feeling any love today.

m: look at you. freakin' pathetic. people comment on your blog all the time. you have one day or two days of a lapse in comments... and you're contemplating a jump from the nearest tall building. blogging is not for the sensitive.

t: While you, on the other hand, go DAYS with no comments and seem immune to the lack of love. Seems there should be a happy medium we both could reach...

m: days? i have gone for months sometimes. i have had to earn my comments the hard way. i don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it. my only theory is that some people are just more popular than others. i've had years of practice with being the dork who got picked on and that has caused me to not have feelings.

did you see the attack on me for having little commentary on my blog? how cool is that? she kicks people when they're down.

Mary Campbell said...

Geeze, Anne, 10 comments on YOUR blog....mine has a mere 4. And I posted this infamous conversation first. Clearly, in the blogging universe, I am doing something wrong. I think I need more friends. Maybe I should've posted Tania's picture on mine.
Damn. Hindsight is 20/20.

Anne Elser said...

Well people, I am humbled by your generous responses. It seems the unwritten rules of the blogging universe are ever so delicate. Down right fascinating. I think I will make a new rule for myself: Never leave a blog without posting a comment on SOMETHING. Even if it's an "I agree with you" echo.

You're right, M5- this game is not for the weak or sensitive. Which means, I shouldn't be here! But I'm going to hang in there.

Anon- I know I blog to hear my own fragile self talk. Fo sheezey. And MC? I will get right on over to your blog and post away. I think I owe you that for getting this whole thing started.

So Tania - I'll no longer lurk in the shadows. I think the way we bloggers put ourselves out there is kinda brave.

Happy Friday everyone!


SUhles said...

You had my complete sympathy until you went into your "writers" rant. Just for that, I'm taking away your Crayola markers for an entire week. Let's see you draw now.

Tania Rochelle said...

Whoa, minus five! No respect for privacy! Girl, you forget I keep old emails for YEARS. I'm going back through them now...

Note to self: Never email Sarah.

Anne Elser said...

Personally Steven, I don't think you've got a leg to stand on until you start posting to your OWN blog. Anything you say up to that point will only further humiliate yourself. And you call yourself a "writer". For shame. For SHAME.