Sunday, March 26, 2006

~:O N E * S T R I P E * T U R T L E N E C K * S H R U G:~

Well it's a good thing cooler weather is still around here in Atlanta, because I just finished my Turtleneck Shrug! I was worried I'd have to wait until next year to wear it. Woo hoo! I used Andean Silk from and knit with a size 4 needle. The sleeves are about 2.5 inches shorter than the pattern calls for. Still - they're pretty long on me. On one sleeve, I knit a lighter green stripe with some leftover yarn from my stash.

This is a very comfortable shrug, but I am considering shrinking it a bit. I've knit 2 others from another pattern that fit really snuggly and stayed in place. This one, after a few minutes of moving around (I'm right handed), shifts off my right shoulder. I think if it were tighter, it wouldn't move around as much. Any opinions? Advice?



maryk said...

Anne, that is AWEsome!
Have no advice, though.
If it were another decade, I'd say shoulder pads....but....

Anne Elser said...

So glad you're bloggin now Sin. I miss you, too. Just the other day, Bjorn-Mouse asked about you.
By the way - I shrunk my shrug and I like it SO much better now. Fits like a dream and now I've got 3/4 sleeves. I'll post a photo soon.




And Mary?

You really tink I need shoulder pads? My shoulders happen to be one of the few parts of my body I don't make fun of. Until now. Hmmph. I think I'll re-think your sage advice and go for a Short-n-Sassy haircut instead.

Michelle Rollins said...

you are to cute!

maryk said...

Nooooo, NOBODY needs shoulder pads. Even in that other decade of which I don't really like to speak. And yes, your shoulders are FINE, it was more of a comment on my lack of ability to give any good advice, even in a fashion situation, much less a life one.

Anne Elser said...

I know I KNOW, but what do you think of the Short N Sassy haicut?!?!? Wasn't that Dorothy Hamill?