Saturday, September 17, 2005

~ : I N N O C E N C E : ~
Aren't children wonderful? This little note was in our mailbox a few days ago. I am so tempted to call this guy. He's got guts, is resourceful. And honest. Can't beat that. The note on your right is one l wrote to my mother for punishing me. NO, not recently. A long time ago. I'll never forget how mad I was at her! And I STILL write nasty notes when I'm super angry. Ooo they feel so good!


Toenex said...

I wonder does he charge the extra 50 cents because he using all his brain not just 3/4s?

maryk said...

Gosh, I'd like to hire him to help us figure out our computer dilemmas. Do he travel intown, what I'm fickin ta axe.

Anne, you're on my flickr page, as is our doo-dee "project." Chex it out.

k said...

These are magnificent.

maryk said...