Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chalkboard Painting: Cockfield Plantation

Here's a commission I finished up this week. Done for a friends' mother. These pieces get more and more fun each one I do. I want to have Thanksgiving dinner at THIS house! 

First I sketch the piece on graph paper and then move to the chalkboard. I Crete the same graph there, with a soapstone pencil, so I can easily run it away later. 

This particular client loved the chalkboard look, but wanted the board to be permanent, so I used Sharpie Oil Based markers for the final instead of chalk or Chalk Ink markers.

After the chalkboard has been gridded, I sketch out the words. Then trace over the sketch with the markers. Go slowly with the markers to get an opaque and evenly weighted stroke with each line.

These pieces make for wonderful holiday gifts for vacation homes, vacation getaways, memories, or an old family home that's been sold. I'm very close to making one for my parents place in Rabun Gap, Ga. 

I'd also love to make one for a group of friends, non-specific to a particular place, but simply honoring the connections we all have to one another. 

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