Friday, January 04, 2013

Brand New Bookbinding Class & Workshop Begins next week!

Attention all creatives, designers, collagists, and scrapbookers, artists, students, crafters, and craftsmen, bookbinders, quilters, paper makers, and calligraphers, rubber-stampers, journalers, and those who just want help bringing their creative impulses to the surface, my new and improved 2013 Bookbinding courses are designed just for you.

Beginning this month, you'll have access to three structured and well-paced courses, taught in an environment that encourages your creative flow, and amongst a group of people just like you, with lots to share. Just outside the classroom door is a helpful team of creatives waiting to assist you in purchasing your supplies for every class and an experienced instructor who can help you choose the right tools and materials to fit your budget. 

Come to The Binders Art School and see what all the fuss is about, discover why it's so much fun to take a class there, and just how easy it is to form new and lasting friendships in a creative community bursting with energy and promise.

See you next week!

Love, Anne

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Bookbinding 1 Class: JANUARY 8 - FEBRUARY 12
If you enjoy stitching, paper, and color in the company of good friends, you'll love this beginning bookbinding class. In Bookbinding 1, discover the fascinating anatomy of a book from cover to spine to fly sheet and how to make one sing in the spirit of good craftsmanship while celebrating your own aesthetic. Not only will you learn to make books (4!) and a custom slipcase for one of them, you'll be making the tools used to create them that make the process easy and enjoyable. Detailed handouts and an inventive and caring instructor are waiting for your heart and hands. This course is great for all crafters, artists, and scrapbookers of all levels and for those who want help in luring their creative side to the surface. 

Projects included: Piercing Cradle, The Merfect, Side Stab Books, Coptic Book with Visible Spine, Tape Bound Book, Slip Case, and a Case Bound Book.

Spend a delightful weekend making your own Case Bound Book! Learn to make a book block of pierced and folded blank pages that are stitched together and then glued. Create a custom cover and spine with raw chipboard you then cover with imported handmade papers (Washi Paper). Case books are both sturdy and handsome and feature a supported spine, bookmark and headbands. It is the most recognized book type and is built to last on bookshelves for years to come. This functional, decorative work of art makes a great gift for you or someone who would enjoy filling it! We’ll take a break to eat lunch both days and by the end of class, you’ll be very proud of your first Case Bound book. 

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