Monday, May 07, 2012

Pink, Spotted and Silvered Flourishes

Did these place cards this morning on New Diplomat Parchment. Used a gelly roll Sakura pen for the silver accents, pink & white liquid acrylic inks, and a light grey warm brush marker for depth. Fun, fun, fun!


Eve said...

Okay Anne-I am totally amazed! Both the pink and the green place cards were done with a brush? I love how fluid the writing is- they are beautiful!

Anne Elser said...

Thanks Eve! And to clarify - the larger green cards were done with a brush. The smaller place and escort cards were done with a Nikko G nib.

This summer Barbara Calzolari's Nib to Brush workshop will really help me hone this skill. She holds it to the side, just like a nib and still manages upstroke hairlines. THAT'S what I want to learn how to do. I can't wait!!!

Eve said...

It doesn't look like you need much help from Barbara! Wish I could be there for Nib to Brush but family trip trumps my calligraphy pursuits. I love my Nikko G but it doesn't perform like yours:)