Monday, April 30, 2012

Tough Day. Nice Evening.

Here's a piece I did recently for the 2012 Atlanta Reggie Ezell year long workshop. We're studying Blackletter and its variations. This is a collage created from the text of my brother's AT hike back in 1987. 

There are also illustrations and text from a children's textbook about the space travel. I thought the journeys paralleled each other. I used W&N gouache, watercolor and walnut ink. I left the paper seams, raw edges and created faux stitching in places. Every letter "o" has two white slashes in the center, symbolizing the AT's "blaze." Blazes are rectangular markings on tree trunks, meant to assure a hiker that they are still on the trail. 

Speaking of journeys - this one has been amazing. Thanks to all in Reggie's class for accompanying me. 

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