Friday, August 19, 2011

Tool Bed

A fellow dribbbler asked me recently to upload shots of the tools I use. This is a pouch Barbara Calzolari made to carry her own tools. She's an amazing Italian calligrapher from Bologna, who just did a workshop here in Atlanta at Binders called Pointed Pen Variation.

I traded a book I'd made for this pouch. The brushes I use for brush calligraphy are sized 00, 0, 1 and 2. The strange looking pen in the middle with the large screw at the top is called a Ruling Pen. It makes similar strokes that a brush makes and the screw increases or decreases the distance between the 2 parallel plates. Can be dipped in ink and drawn at the very tip for a fine line, or on the side at any angle. An amazing tool.

There are a couple of calligraphy pen holders next that are set at an oblique angle I use for Copperplate. In this oblique pen holder is a pointed pen nib. Currently my favorites are the Nikko G and the Zebra G nib.

For broad edge work I use a Brause nib. The three pens at the very end are automatic broad edge pens called Pilot Parallel pens. Another amazing tool.

This tool pouch came SPOTLESS with no ink spills, splatters or stains. That's how clean a good calligrapher keeps their tools. It's all about a sense of care, wonder and very good craft.

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