Saturday, February 04, 2017

Private Calligraphy Instruction

UPDATE: Due to Covid 19, I ask that if you'd like to have an in-person lesson in my home studio, that you show proof of vaccination. Otherwise, I'm very happy to meet you online for the same wonderful experience. 

Here's what my Calligraphy students have to say about their experiences.

My name is Anne Elser. I'm the calligraphy teacher you've been looking for, and you're the student I've been dreaming of. After a private lesson, students leave my home feeling calm and centered, having spent a delicious two and a half hours of focused study, learning a new skill based on something timeless and beautiful, and in the very room where I practice my craft. 
I teach because it makes me happy. 

Lesson slots are offered on the following days/times and in my home studio in Scottdale, GA. 
If coming here isn't an option for you, I also offer the same lesson materials via Google Hangout. 

Sunday & Monday mornings from 10-12:30.

Each lesson is 2.5 hours long for $400.00. A $200 non-refundable deposit reserves your lesson on my calendar, and the balance is due at the end of your lesson.

Call or text me at 470.809.2103 or e-mail me at to schedule a lesson. 

A student in my home studio during a private lesson.

I also love those epiphanic moments where I see the student turn a corner after having discovered something new. Writing and drawing clears the head and opens up windows of self discovery. It changes you. There you are with nothing but a pot of ink, an instrument to write with, and a blank white page waiting for your touch. It allows you to leave all the chaos of your life at the door and focus on something new, simple, and pure. And that's what you leave a lesson with: knowledge and experience with a new, simple, and pure part of yourself. 

I teach mostly to learn. It feels more like shared learning, than teaching to me. Writing and drawing is a very intimate experience. It's just you and the paper -  all I do is facilitate the beginning of a new relationship with yourself. I teach you how to pace yourself, how to place yourself, and more importantly how to love yourself as you learn the craft of calligraphy. 

During a private lesson (and a workshop), we listen to music that inspires as we go. Much of it is here in my Spotify Calligraphy Playlist. Though many times a student will suggest something new that we both enjoy - so my calligraphic soundtrack keeps growing. 
Demonstrating for Propose. Photo by Dana Lee Jones Photography.

PRIVATE LESSONS: If you're interested in private calligraphy lessons in Copperplate, Italic, Brush Lettering, Flourishing, or Cursive Handwritring, I offer 2.5-hour sessions at $300.00 for each student. Other subjects you might be interested in include monogramming, envelope layout, flourishing, and more. Handouts are supplied. Your personalized lesson is conducted in my private home studio in Decatur, GA.

A Copperplate Calligraphy 6-week course at Binders, Buckhead.

Make sure you check out the calligraphy supply list of links and inspiration article I wrote here.

This is Lennie's first Private calligraphy lesson.

Here's what my Calligraphy students have to say about their experiences.

Please feel free to write and ask me questions about whether a workshop, class, or private lesson is best for you. They all have advantages and value - just placed in different ways.


Copperplate Wednesday night Class at Binders Buckhead

Copperplate Calligraphy Weekend Workshop at Binders Buckhead


Masha said...

Oh,this sounds amazing! I would love to have a calligraphy lesson from you - since I love your calligraphy - but unfortunately I live thousands of miles away - in Bulgaria.

But I'd love to know where I can by this inkwell from.

All best,

Anne Elser said...

The inkwell is called a Petal Pod and I make and sell them through Binders.

Here's a link to the product page:

redd0377 said...

I noticed you have several types of calligraphy for both personal instruction and workshops. Which do you suggest for a beginner that starts at beginner level zero concerning both type of calligraphy and personal

Anne Elser said...

Hello, Redd0377.

Many of my courses are beginner (both Copperplate and Italic) and it's totally fine for you to begin your lettering journey there, whether you take a class or workshop, though the classes give the beginner a slower intro to the materials and letterform construction, by allowing 6 days of practice time in between each session.

Please feel free to email me more questions if you have them :