Thursday, July 08, 2010

Neutral Nails

I'm big into painting my nails, getting them done professionally and mixing my own polishes. Students ask me all the time what I'm wearing and it dawned on me that blogging about this very important subject would make a lot of female thinkers happy.

So here goes. My favorite colors are all neutrals. Lots of warm and cool grays and they're sexy when short or long. I like to wear my nails pretty short. Recently started having a thin layer of liquid gel applied at the salon and it's made all the difference. Polish lasts FOREVER.

If you like to wear your nails short like I do, you just need to find a salon that won't apply too much gel too close to the cuticle. As your nails grow out, you'll see a ridge between the gel and your natural nail and this looks really artificial. The best salon out there for me is called Polished in Brookhaven. On Peachtree in between Dreseden and N. Druid Hills. Ask for Julie. She's amazing.

So here are my sexy neutrals:

Essie: Island Hopping
Essie: Mink Muffs
Essie: Chinchilly
Essie: Playa del Platinum

OPI: You Don't Know Jacques!

Ulta: Truth Or Dare


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