Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Haircut

Doug and Anton are in Augusta this weekend and while I relish the time alone, it's still an adjustment and sometimes kinda freaky. But I have gotten a TON of work done last night and today. Tomorrow I paint and I think the next one is going to be about energy. That is MY energy and the fact that I've reclaimed it. Today has been evidence of that. I've been giving calligraphy estimates out the wazoo lately (Spring wedding season) and it's been great to really participate in that without reservation about how much time I've got. I just keep saying yes to the work, and the timing always seems to work out. I may have to juggle jobs and shift things around - but the work always gets done.

Speaking of time well spent, (and you know I've got extra because I'm actually WRITING to you) I cut my hair today and DANG, do I feel better. Good thing God gave me a decently shaped head and that some genius invented product (I'm a product whore) because I think it looks pretty good! With those two things, a mirror and a little spare time, I'm an okay hairstylist.

Was going to see the Lovely Bones tonight, but really just want to cook a warm dinner, sit by the fire, watch a documentary and knit a little.

Life's pretty beautiful right now. Even while missing the bunny and missing my bunnie's daddy.


minus five said...

it looks freakin' awesome. i give you five stars and a pink smiley face.

stpatti said...

It does look freakin' awesome! I would expect nothing less from you, dear funky "creativity running our your pores" Anne! I do admit to coveting your & your family's developed talents! (at least, I'm an appreciative audience.)

Anne Elser said...

Wull thankyouverymuch Ladies!