Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moral Indignation

I found these ads quite brilliant, witty, lovingly dark and FUN. Don't know if my comment will be appreciated, or that I care, but maybe I do because I'm posting it here. Tommy is sitting here laughing with me. 

Guess what folks. There is no death: one of the things I'm learning with the Emotional Intuitive I'm seeing. She is brilliant and patient and is helping me heal the child within me who had no voice, who stuttered, whose jaw doesn't open fully,  whose head began to ache at too early an age with unexpressed rage and joy. 

Tommy took his life mercifully and is now continuing on his path. His rage was always more important than anything or anyone else. But not anymore. This child deserves her own power. Her own energy. Her own anger and love and joy. She is bigger than she's allowed herself to be. She is the strongest of them all. She is her own hero. Muffled no more. Good and angry.

So I look at these ads and am able to laugh at them today. I am in a different place. 

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