Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anton's First Haircut!

He looks like such a little BOY now. I was proud of myself for not crying as he sat there in a red airplane chair. My little bunny's growing into a big bunny. I think I'll let it grow a little so there are less layers.


Anonymous said...

how adorable ~ i miss you ~
Tia Barbara

minus five said...

where is that place? why didn't my mom ever take me to get my hair cut where they had an airplane chair? why didn't my mom ever get me a good haircut?

I like his little layers.

Anonymous said...

He is such a beautiful boy, Anne. What a fun way to have a first haircut! Kevin's was in our backyard in his highchair(with puppies playing around us!). Chris's is more vague. Silas hasn't had one yet. He has sort of a "Berkeley mullet". Maybe next time they're here we can introduce them. BTW, I love your books & the cloth books were really a find! They're great!