Monday, July 14, 2008

Yet Another Book

Hallo friends,

Wanna know why I haven't been posting?

1. I'm on a book marathon.
2. I got an iPhone 3G.

I spent the greater part of my Friday morning standing in line with Anton and Doug at the ATT store. It was actually quite fun: Anton worked the crowd and the time went by rather fast. The phone is a dream - though iTunes was too overloaded that morning to get everyone up and running at once. Last night I stayed up until 2am syncing to the great cloud (big brother) in the sky. The best feature (at least to me) is the calendar syncing. I have said goodbye to my Kate Spade day planner and hello to iCal. Handwritten notes are now jotted down in the little books I fiendishly make.

All is well. Hand and mouse are one. (sigh)

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