Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For the Disgruntled Singles on Valentine's Day

We had a blast in Holy Hand this morning. Kevin whipped out his new copy of Hand Job and we all got to work with some down and dirty emotive type. Mike drew this gem and I colored the screws with lovely fleshy tones of pink. Nice, huh? I'd love to do a whole line of offensive holiday cards for folks not in the mood to celebrate.

And speaking of new books about type, I'm interested in New Vintage Type by Steven Heller. Anyone got it and love it? Tell me!


Mary Campbell said...

I LOVE the idea of irreverent valentine's day cards!!

AND, I, too, am DYING for that book...it looks so lovely!

heighlo. said...


Unknown said...

I don't know his full schedule or if you've seen him, but Steven Heller is lecturing at UGA on March 7 at 5:30.