Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Last Night


Well we just had a fabulous dinner of pasta and grouper and a fantastic salad. Tomorrow we begin on the leftovers. God bless Mimi's meatballs and Nonie's make ahead mashed potatoes.

Doug and Mom just went to Ingles on an ice cream run - Doug in his pajamas no less. Dad and I are sitting by the fire he just stoked and are awaiting their return. It has been a fantastic day and a fantastic week. I am thinking of staying the weekend to prepare for the next quarter at PC, writing my syllabi while Mom watches Anton. I will in turn watch him while she finishes a painting she's doing of Dad for his 70th birthday.

It rained ALL day long today. Wonderful, luscious rain. Mom bought me a pair of support hose so I could stand in the kitchen for days and bake all these pretty cookies. My body is falling apart! But thankfully, my spirit is intact.

I have knitted a tremendous amount this past week, so much so that my index finger literally turned blue and numb. I think it's a Repetitive Stress Injury. So I've put the needles down for a while to let my hands rest. I do things pretty intensely and I always have to be careful about taking breaks. Well, I was so excited about being able to knit nonstop that didn't pay attention to my hands. Bad me. Here's a lovely hat I'm trying to finish.

SO, when they return, we will continue our Dexter marathon. We've just rented the first 3 discs of the first season and are hooked. Yay for dark comedy!

Merry Christmas to all of you. More later,


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Nancy said...

The house echos. I will have to leave his prints of the glass doors. boo-hoo.
It was great fun to fill the house with happy memories of another Christmas.

Thank you darling daughter.