Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Dougie Fresh,

I love you.

We had a fabulous weekend up in Rabun Gap celebrating Doug's birthday. Here's a ridiculous cake we made him with a trendy warning. He's also sporting a shirt I embroidered for him. Friday night we ate out at La Pachanga, the local mexican restaurant. I had 2 margaritas. Oooftah. The next night we ate cake, steak burgers at home and then I had 2 martinis. Oooftah and yummy.

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Anonymous said...

aww. i love your cute little family and cake and burgers.

Anonymous said...

Man I'm jealous. It even looks a little chilly! Say Happy Bday to that a little gray on the temples? Barbara

Anonymous said...

I am Doug Elser, it was my birthday, and I approve this post. And I love my wife, who makes shirt and funny Chinese cakes for me.


PS - Yes, Barb, that is gray on the temples. Thanks for noticing!

Anonymous said...

What I'm curious about is whether or not those temples have expanded. I suppose it is possible the Mr. Fresh was just looking supermodel wind-blown.

By the way, the cake looks much tastier than the Dora the Explorer toy I've been sucking on this morning.