Saturday, October 14, 2006

~:F O U R • Y E A R • A N N I V E R S A R Y:~

Doug and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary yesterday. Anton's the real gift. A neighbor brought us pot roast for dinner and we went to bed early - exhausted and deliriously happy.

My head's feeling much less sore, though now I'm experiencing tension headaches at night. I wish I could snap my fingers and get rid of them. I am impatient about the time it's taking for my body to heal. I should be better to myself. I think these new headaches are about the huge responsibility before me now. I am in charge of someone's life. It's crazy. Me? Take charge and make sure things are in place for Anton to thrive? Like I know what I'm doing?
Nanny and I took Anton to his 2nd check up at the pediatrician on Wednesday. Gaining an ounce a day and doing very well. Though I kept thinking the nurse and Dr. were scrutinizing me. "Who put HER in charge? SHE'S a mother?" I know it's all in my head and is all about my own insecurities. I kept thinking, "What if he gets sick?" And then I'd say to myself, "Um, you'd take him to his doctor and then he'd get better."

Enough about me...

Anton's a real trip. We are all pretty dern sure he's got Doug's legs. He loves to stretch them out whenever possible, especially when you put him in a pair of pants. It's hysterical to watch. I think the first thing he'll want instead of a Tonka Truck, would be his own ottoman.

We let the cats back in the house this weekend. I missed them. They're curious about Anton - but shoot out of the room if he cries. There's an awful lot of sniffing going on. I'm sure there's more to come when Bjorn gets back.

I remember there being a TV in the family delivery recovery room they gave me after the c-section. And I remember thinking, WHO would ever want to stop looking at their newborn baby and turn to the TV for entertainment?

Still getting the hang of all this new baby stuff. Major lifestyle change - for the better. I don't see imperfections in the house anymore. I don't see dust bunnies on the floor. I don't pick apart unfinished projects I've got around the house anymore. I don't see weeds. All I see is Doug and Anton. And that's beautiful.

To see new pictures of Anton with his Daddy, Baba, Nanny and more go here: Anton: Week 3


~Anne, Doug & Anton


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you family you! I knew 10/13 meant something special; it was eating at me all of yesterday. (new computer = blank calendar. boo.) And Anne, you should win an award for how amazingly you've handled everything. I'm so beyond thrilled for all of you. There really aren't words adequate to fully express that.

minus five said...
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minus five said...

i'm sorry those headaches aren't gone by now. things like that can be really frustrating because of the "time" factor and you never know if its going to be a long or short time.

random compliment of the day: i think its cool that you're able to take good photographs. i mean, don't you feel sorry for those people who have cute babies and they can't take a good picture if their life depended on it? this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

maryk said...

does your dad REALLY have an eye patch, or is that just one of your dad's things?

SUhles said...

Sorry I've been MIA on you. I've been slowing rehabilatating from a crazy case of the Bubonic Broncial Blues. The upside is I can breath again. That downside is I no longer have that sexy rasp. We'll make plans soon for the Uhles clan to trip over and annoint young Master Elser.

Nancy said...

You and Doug have really been put to a test and "set a new curve". Dad and are proud of you both and in love with little Anton.

The black patch? Tom, the day after Anne returned home had a nasty tumor taken off his jaw. Nerves were spared but will need time to recover. He cannot completely close his eye and wears a patch when outside to protect his cornea. I think it's sexy. If he begins to wear a "hook", I'll worry.

thank you all for your prayers and concern for our darlings. Interesting little community you have here.