Sunday, April 01, 2007

~:S P R I N G • H A S • S P R U N G:~

This post might explain my brief absence from the blogosphere. Next week I begin teaching again at PC. Behold the 5 new syllabi I've carefully crafted for the Spring quarter. The newest addition is a logos class, about which I'm real excited. I'm reintroducing and oldie, but goodie: The Holy Hand. Type is Mass has returned as well. I've been rubbing my palms together all weekend to prepare.

I learned how to make these little books from Michael Goodman's Bookingmaking class. I'll be taking it again this quarter, too. They're printed on French butcher paper. Lovely colors and a fun, shiny and modeled texture.

In other news, Anton is now 6 months old. This Easter Sunday, he'll be baptized. Very exciting! I am madly trying to finish a knitted cap for him to wear. He is a dream.

ALSO, I've started gardening again. Since we had such a warm gust of Spring weather lately, I've braved the weeds and pollen to plant new annuals and make room for the emerging perennials. This is a good sign, folks. I've just about reclaimed all the energy I used to have and my headaches continue to fade. I just don't think that much about my headaches any more. They are going away.

So our yard looks like it is once again loved. New plants at the mailbox, the windowboxes are full yet again. Things are in bloom. And I am STILL not in the hospital anymore.

Love to everyone,


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