Tuesday, April 03, 2007

~:J O H N • G I V E N S:~

Way back in 1996, I graduated from PC with a good friend named John Givens. Now a designer in San Francisco, John's coming back to PC to give one of those seminar thingies on April 19th.

John's just completed a documentary called Working Title: a 60 minute film that "explores what it means to be an artist in a society that defines you by what you do for a living."

I'm excited because it's been soooo long since I've seen him. John has a great sense of humor - could make me laugh easily and was kind of a brother to me in grad school. He was honest and entertaining. His work had a heavy authenticity to it that made you think and care. He had a thing for texture, a love for the deeper story, an understanding of abstraction. John's a good man.

When we both graduated, John immediately went to San Fran. I interviewed out there and stayed with him and his girlfriend. They were both very generous. John made me the clock you see here. It's a portrait of me, back in the days I used to smoke - during my 8th quarter I got up to 2 packs a day. No shit. So I've got the smoker's mouth, BUT two lovely tulip petals for eyes.

I had just come back from interviewing with Ann Field in LA. She knew pink tulips were my favorite flower and greeted me with a bouquet of them. I nearly cried. I carried them with me on the plane to San Fran and put them in a vase at John's apartment. John saved two of the tulip petals for my clock and on the back wrote, "To Annie: Always Sweet, Occasionally Innocent."


SUhles said...

I'd love to see that doc...

maryk said...

How interesting.

John said...

aww. how sweet annie. very very kind of you to say.

and for suhles and maryk, go to www.workingtitle.tv, watch the trailer, and buy a DVD.

you're also welcome to come sneak into the portfolio center if you're in atlanta on april 19th, at 10:00am and watch a screening there.

long live art


awesome! sounds like someone I would want to know....I look forward to that seminar :)

Anne-Davnes said...

Yes! Both of you come to the seminar if you can. It'll be a party! Steven - can you get the paper to sponsor your visit?

Dianthe said...

Good post.