Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good news:

I now have a cute bathing suit, which should make you proud, A.

Bad news:

Said bathing suit does not have polka dots. That one came in the wrong size. Phooey.

Good news:

I've got the red lipstick, vintage cut shades and a cute hat to accompany the belly.

Bad news:

As of 3 days ago, I could no longer bend over to polish my toenails, which I have done religiously for the last 20 years or so of my life.

Good news:

I was given persmission by the financial dept of our household to splurge for a pedicure. Poor me. Poor, poor me. Oh my god was it heaven.

Bad news:

Weight gain in the hips and thighs area comes with pregnancy... so the tops of my legs rub together now which I HATE. Sarah - should I be using powder? Oh my god is it uncomfortable in hot weather.

Good news:

I H A D to have a new pair of pants that are ever so comfortable and provide a nice buffer for sweaty skin against sweaty skin. (too much info? sorry)

Bad news: I have developed a weird pregnancy rash on my legs below the knees. And there is no good news associated with this one.

And that's just about all I can think of to say. I have been swifted away into the pregnancy bubble and feel very ar away from the rest of you. I celebrate my pregnancy most of the time, but today just don't feel quite right. I feel heavy and burdened. Bimp's not moving much. And oy - nausea has returned. At least for today.

Sunshine? Where ARE you this morning ? ? Come back to me.


minus five said...

maybe powder would work. thighs touching was the case for most of my life; i think even sometimes still, so i think mine have gone numb after all these years. they're pretty much like siamese twins.

but i do know that those boxer briefs would help you; especially if you'll just be hanging out in the house.

and the rash... use some hydrocortisone 12. it works like a charm.

these are things i wish i didn't know and i don't even have the pregnancy excuse.

Harpy said...

Just think of your pregnancy rash as an accessory to your fabulous pregnant self. I PROMISE you look pregnantskinny and I bet a little sun on your face will make you feel brand new again. Who wants to do breathing exercises?

Nancy said...

I think you look Poofect.

Mary Campbell said...

I don't have a plethora of advice for the aforementioned conditions, but you look great and you have this amazing little creature growing inside of you...how fantastic is that? I have not known amazing things to happen to me in my life without their being some pain or discomfort attached...maybe that's just the "price tag" attached to bringing a beautiful new life into the world. But sweaty thighs rubbing together, weight gain and rashes really suck....so I'll leave the pro-creation to you for now.

I don't think I would enjoy that so much.