Saturday, June 10, 2006

~:D O U G I E * F R E S H * M O U S E:~

This is a man who is ready for fatherhood. Yup. And this is his mouse who is ready for a nap. We are all going upstairs right now for a Saturday slumber and I bid all of you peace in da house. To see more Dougie Fresh Mouse pictures, click here!

PS: Steven, these will make you want to wretch, I'm pretty sure of it.


The Wonder Twin Powers De-Activated!!!! said...

You are a great woman to have tamed such a wild beast as the one I knew oh so many years ago at NYIF. I salute you! Praytell, Yes, The Great Doggie Fresh is indeed ready for fatherhood, I sayeth, indeed he is...

I'm estatic for you guys, by the way!!!

Anne Elser said...

Oh no, Steven, I believe you. Congrats on your new house by the way. Very, very excited for you guys and glad yours sold so quickly!

WonderTwin - thank you for such kind words! We nearly skip and dance around the house these days. It's a little silly. Bimp will love it!

Doug Elser said...

if only i could put my large man-breasts to work and make some milk...then i would truly be ready for fatherhood. true, lactation is not the accepted gold-standard for male paternal readiness, but it damn well should be.

i want to make milk.

and if i made milk, could i make dove bars, too?