Saturday, June 10, 2006

~:D O U G I E * F R E S H * M O U S E:~

This is a man who is ready for fatherhood. Yup. And this is his mouse who is ready for a nap. We are all going upstairs right now for a Saturday slumber and I bid all of you peace in da house. To see more Dougie Fresh Mouse pictures, click here!

PS: Steven, these will make you want to wretch, I'm pretty sure of it.


Anonymous said...

holy shit! W H A T A M A N !!!! such looks, such sensitivity, such brawn, yet such a gentle, affirming touch...what a rare species of human am I.


The Wonder Twin Powers De-Activated!!!! said...

You are a great woman to have tamed such a wild beast as the one I knew oh so many years ago at NYIF. I salute you! Praytell, Yes, The Great Doggie Fresh is indeed ready for fatherhood, I sayeth, indeed he is...

I'm estatic for you guys, by the way!!!

SUhles said...

Sweet Jesus. Why don't you just put a bow in his hair and sit him down with a volume of Emily Dickinson. Wretch? Oh yes. Happy? Very. Doug will make an excellent, if somewhat emasculated, father.
If you don't believe me, you can ask my beautiful wife and daughter who have, quite generously, allowed me to comment. Now if you'll excuse me, I have my Sylvia Plath to return to.

Anne-Davnes said...

Oh no, Steven, I believe you. Congrats on your new house by the way. Very, very excited for you guys and glad yours sold so quickly!

WonderTwin - thank you for such kind words! We nearly skip and dance around the house these days. It's a little silly. Bimp will love it!

Doug Elser said...

if only i could put my large man-breasts to work and make some milk...then i would truly be ready for fatherhood. true, lactation is not the accepted gold-standard for male paternal readiness, but it damn well should be.

i want to make milk.

and if i made milk, could i make dove bars, too?