Saturday, May 20, 2006

~:B J O R N O G R A P H Y:~

Time to share something non Bimp related. Last week, Bjorn and I were approached by Keith Oh to take part in his data blitz. I have posted it here for you to see.

The concept was to show three good and bad ideas. Massaging type was a good idea, but when applied to a 5.5 lb. papillon, rather MY 5.5 lb. papillon Bjorn, it turned into BAD touch. A little tough to stomach poor Keith being pummeled by his "friends". Fun to watch James fall out of his chair and to see Scott loosing a shoe. Nice cartwheel, dude.

Thanks for sharing Keith! Fantastic job.


minus five said...

i couldn't see the movie when i clicked on your link.

minus five said...


it takes a while to load, but eventually i was able to view it on firefox. safari has been giving me trouble with a few things lately.