Monday, September 01, 2008

Sea and Air

OK so Tommy wasn't all bad. Here's a nice memory. A postcard from him while he was in the Navy and while I was spending the summer in Madrid. I was in High School, terribly homesick and living with a family that resented my being there - so things were uncomfortable. I remember crying when I got the postcard from him. Missing him so badly, hoping he'd come save me, which, he often did.

June 19, 1984
Olah Chiketa,

How's my favorite spanish seestor? I'm having a pretty good time here in Palma Spain. We're only here for 3 days and then we go to the Persian Gulf, not the best place to be in this world but hey, I'm hip. I miss you my sister, I love you very much.

About the only word I know in the spanish tongue is olah=hello. So that's all I say over and over again to all the spanish chicks. I wish I could see Madrid. I hear it's wonderful. So how does it feel to be the first Dusenberry to go to Euorpe? Of course, I'm a close 2nd. You by airplane and me by sea at the same time. Kind of kinky, huh?

I know you're having a wonderful time and I know you probably miss home just a little bit but don't fret because your big brother is protecting the waters for you (sounds like Super Squid). You just learn all you can there and have a terrific time and write me a letter or I'll belt 'ya.

Give a kiss to all the Ruiz-Castillo's and tell them I love them. After all, they must be real special people for keeping a brat like you around.

I love you my beautiful sweet sister,

Your Tommy

PS (you don't have to send me a care package of you don't love me)

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