Sunday, September 21, 2008

Children's Hats

Have you gone to The Village Hat Shop? It's filled with amazingly styled and well-priced hats for children and adults. Anton has several of these hats on his wish list for his birthday. Before we go out the door each morning, we stop at the foyer where he's got all of his hats on hooks. He picks the one he wants to wear and then we're off. He picks a different one each time. Amazing that he likes wearing them - of course the minute he came from the womb he was dressed in one for warmth and safety. He really doesn't know what life is like without one. Lucky me! Lucky boy! Because people literally sigh with joy when they see a toddler in a hat.

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Unknown said...

I like those hats alot. They are very cute.

If you want to look at some kids trucker/military style hats you can checkout