Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleepy Lunch

This is what happens when Mama waits too long to feed me lunch. Either that or he's just really sick of broccoli and peaches.


Anonymous said...

Anton has gotten even more adorable. I can't believe he's almost 2!

Btw, I never would have figured you to be a McCain supporter! I just I just figured most designers were Democrats. What makes you say "NOBama"?

Anne Elser said...

Rose - most people were as surprised as you! I think most creatives really are more liberal. I used to be, too.

It's a very complicated question - but in short, I agree with the more republican point of view as to what a people's government should provide - how they should stimulate the economy - what kind of support they should provide, etc. I don't agree with all of it - but most of it. I disagree with most (but not all) of the democratic point of view.

I distrust any politician who is mostly far, far left or right.

McCain is the more balanced candidate of the two. Obama leans too far into the socialist realm than I am comfortable with.

My experience with most of what the democrats say about the govt is negative and critical finger-pointing and comes from a place of anger, resentment and entitlement. I find it ironic that once the democrats get what they want (a bigger govt) they have lost the rights they were fighting for in the first place. With all that support comes interference and rules and loss of freedom. The individual loses when its government tells him who he is.

Having lost a child also makes me question whether abortion should be a "right" in the first place. Unless it's in self defense (endangers the mother's life) I don't think it should be legal and it's too bad that it already is.

Anonymous said...

I would say I am definitely a bit less liberal than I used to be as well, but I still find myself agreeing with most of the positions on Obama's platform. I do have concerns about the toll a lot of the social initiatives he proposes will have on the tax payer. I am conflicted between my belief that is is fundamental to our humanity to help others vs. what role government should play in that. Perhaps I am a bit of a socialist myself!

When I hear Obama speak about making a better world I feel exhilarated but also skeptical. My husband, who is in finance, finds himself similarly torn between being fiscally conservative and socially liberal. What do we owe (do we even owe anything to) those "less fortunate"? Are they "less fortunate" or just not as successful? How responsible are we for the success of others?

I want to say before this next thought that I fully respect your opinons and also value them. I think you are a good teacher and an intelligent person. That said, when I saw the phrase "a loss of rights", I thought about it in a different manner-about it in terms of losing the right to have control over your own body, ie the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Abortion is completely undesirable and should not be championed in of itself, yet I wonder can one really tie a woman down and make her have a child? There is the argument, well, what about the child's right, but that is another difficult consensus to come to- when does life or awareness begin? This is a very controversial topic obviously, and my feelings may change when I become a mother. Also, I have never lost a child and can't image the pain that causes. But God forbid something horrible happens I think would want the choice to be there. If we don't have full control over our bodies, aren't we really just second class citizens?

I won't even go into Palin's abstinence only stance. I think that if abortion is not to be considered an acceptable option, then birth control methods must be taught.

Overall, I guess it is my social policy concerns vs. economic that keep me squarely in the democrat corner.

Once again, I fully respect your opinions and think they have great merit. I wish that I could take a bit from each candidate and combine them.

Anne Elser said...

Rose that was a thoughtful and beautiful response. I agree that birth control should be available - VERY available but then I think that it's an issue families can deal with, too. If the schools don't teach everything we want them to, it's up to us parents to get involved in our own kid's lives to make a difference.

As far as what we owe those less fortunate - I agree that everyone needs to help - but I think aid is better taken when given with love and guidance. That's where religious institutions can help. It's love with a face, love with morals.

I think Obama is a powerful speaker, too. And motivational. McCain might not be as lovely - but still - my heart belongs with him.