Friday, August 10, 2007

~:TBD Appalachian Trail Journal: 10.17.87 - 10.25.87 :~

Arrived here after an easy 14 mile day. Here is "Gambrinus", a German restaurant/bar right on the trail. We sat and drank 45 Millers 1/2 the night and talked about the trail. We left the bar around 9:00 pm and camped out back with permission of course. The bar had a register (for hikers) that went back to '84. I looked up Tim's (Dixie Dirt Weazel) entry. It was neat to see hi entry.


The days are growing colder and the nights hit the freezing mark. We move onward slowly taking it all in.

It's so beautiful.

Last week we stopped at Todd & Cindy's hostile in Echulle, near Hawk Mountain. They are great people. Former AT hikers and PCT hikers. They now are building a log home. (Their dream home). Anyway, Cindy drove us to the nearest town which had a college. We took showers at the students center and hung out at the library after which we got some pizza at a nearby pizza place. We were still hungry after the pizza so we walked around the tables eating the scraps off other people's pizza. I was tempted to look through the garbage for more but thought better of it.

We were hungry.

Pennsylvania isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Sure is rocky but it's also very beautiful.

126 miles left to go. So close and yet so far. We hit Duncannon tomorrow for our weekly shower, real meat and laundry. Oh yeah, and beer.

As we sit in front of this fire we made, thoughts come to mind.

I know I want to live in the country or at least somewhere that has space (privacy), quiet. I know I'm a TV-coholic which means I like TV to the point of which I put off other things just to watch it. I DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE IN FRONT OF A TELEVISION!!!

I realize that I'm not strong enough to have a TV in my house and just watch a LITTLE BIT. That's not the way it works with me. If it's there, I'll watch it. So I must eliminate the problem. Never have a TV in my house.

I think I understand how Gray feels.

This fire feels so good. I think heat in general is good.

I'm pretty sure now, that I want to stay an electrician. I like doing it and I can go quite far with it.

I think the problem I had with it before was feeling inferior to other (college educated) people. I think ti will be a continuing battle in my mind. I must remember that I am smart. Equal to all others in God's eyes.

I think about Kaija Volckening every day. A good part of the day is spent thinking about her. I study my heart and mind to find the answer. Do I truly love Kaija? I guess I won't find the answer till i see her again. Although the feelings I now possess are nothing but love.


"Darling Boy"

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