Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's a smart piece of advice from an article in Blueprint's (now my favorite magazine) current issue I've actually been considering for a long, long time. I get to jealous watching DougieFresh get dressed in 2 seconds every morning. All he needs are a smart pair of pants and nice shirt and "fling" he's off and ready for the day. I agnoize in the morning about which skirt to wear with what top and whether those shoes look good or not. Ooooftah. It all makes me look fat in this post pregnancy body of mine!

Mom's been telling me for months now to take myself to Nordstroms, Saks or Bloomingdales to get personally fitted for the right pair of jeans for my body. Buy just one pair of something tailored and beautiful. I think I'll try it. Doesn't this sound smart to you?

If anyone has any wardrobe secrets of their own, I'd love to hear them.


maryk said...

i do think it sounds smart.
report how you like them, if the people at the store were assholes, and how much they cost! (if you want, or email me, am very curious).

Mary Campbell said...

I feel the SAME way....getting dressed is systematic demoralization for me. By the time I leave the house, I have taken nearly everything out of my closet and it is strewn all over my bedroom. Rarely am I satisfied with my outfit..and if I am, my hair looks like shit. That is why much of the time I opt for my uniform: black or white button down shirt, jeans, and some cute heeled shoes.

Men have it SO easy.

Nancy said...

First of all, I have turned Peter's bedroom into a closet.Tops go on one twin bed, bottoms on the other. Dressiest and coat/jackets hang in the closet. Purses, scarves, shawls, rubber undergarments in the small chest. The floor is the hamper.
Then I have used that black and yellow hazzard whatever tape crossed over every mirror.

the Nordstrom's bluejeans idea is Bonnie's. Expect to pay upwards of $100.00. It is a great idea. I've just never done it but think other people should especially Dad. I would have to buy a pair in several sizes.

Nancy said...

And Mary,
Don't let the clerks fool you. They buy there jeans at T.J. Maxx.
I mean how much do they earn?????
In 1962 at Sak's 5th Ave, we use to discribe the shaming clerks by saying, "it's her father's store".

Nancy said...

excuse me....."their jeans" not "there jeans"
I know better.

Anonymous said...

My wardrobe secret - make sure the band on my t-shirt is one I actually like. Inevitably there will be some rock dork who wants to talk about how fantastic side two of Iron Maiden's third album was and I never quite have the heart to say "Erm buddy, I was being ironic."

P.S. - It's a shame we never got around to shooting our farm-ready boys (or boyz, in the street venacular) on Friday.

Anne Elser said...

Steven, Irony is king. And even funny when someone doesn't get it. We'll tae photos next time. I think it was just too unfairly hot and I was too tipsy to taks pictures, anyway.

Mom! Tell Bonnie she's a genius.

Mary K. - I'll be the first to let you know. The jeans the author talked about were around 200.00. I know it sounds crazy to pay that much for JEANS, BUT they're all I want to wear. Also, when someone has on a pair that are tailored and unusual, even classic, it really does make a difference. They look special.

Mary C. Your hair ALWAYS looks great and I love your style. I can't imagine you obsessing about how you look because you're pretty perfect looking, in my opinion. :)

Nancy said...

Dear Anne and all her blog readers and contributors,
Thank you for the season of meditation on Tommy. Thank you for every comment. I want you to know that although I wasn't able to write I was present every day reading, rereading, returning to the beginning every day. I am not a "support goup" woman. I'm not sure why this helped as most of you did not know him or us but I always have the hope I'll be lead closer to a place of understanding unencumbered by guilt and loss. Every year I think I can get there alone but that comes from some arrogance and pride in the end depriving me of a community of fellow pilgrims.
Sure enough, people I have never met offer comfort, wisdom and understanding.
You were a "Forward Day by Day" Lenten meditation. You gave structure to my grief as I moved towards the day of dread.
I am good for another year.
Thank you everyone. Thank you darling daughter.


ktothefe said...


One thing I like to do with a good boot-cut pant (which can always be slimming) is to iron a crease into the center of the jean from the knee down. This creates a nice vertical line that elongates the leg and help slim the figure.

That said, when I saw you the other day in the hallway, I could've sworn that you had lost weight....

Anne Elser said...

Kevin that is the nicest thing to say. Thank you! Maybe I'm just standing taller these days. The scale says otherwise. I know I've gained muscle weight, especially in my arms from lifting MilkFace, so that's good.

I'm going to try your jean crease idea. :)

Jessica said...

I highly highly recommend Citizen for Humanity jeans. They are tailored to perfection and make any body look great.

And post-pregnancy body . . . oh whatever. Don't let insecure people (ie folks in our logos class) get to you.