Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I love this photo of Mom. That's me she's holding. Oh man it must have been heaven to be able to hold your baby in your own two arms in the car. The car seat thing might be safer, but oooftah is it a huge pain.


Nancy said...

Look how sweet you are. You were a perfect baby who was totally content and made me look like a able mother. You rarely cried only fussed or squeeked. I knit that blue bunting. I wonder where it is? In the attic I suppose. That's what happens when you don't move for 37 years.
That is the first new car Dad and I bought. Our first Xmas with it we went tree shopping forgetting that the trunk was in the front. Throwing caution to the wind, Dad drove with the upper half of my body out the window screaming "hard right NOW!" and "slow down. Traffic light yellow." Don't worry, You and Tommy were not in the car.

Anne Elser said...

Oh that is sweet and funny Mom. I love you.