Monday, March 05, 2012

Sensory Bedroom

Many of you know that our sweet boy Anton has Sensory Processing Disorder. We're in a constant evolution of learning as we restructure his environment to best suit his therapy - what he eats, drinks, what he does, how he best learns, etc. Our OT, Kate Drummond of About Play and Healthy Foundations, gives us a steady stream of ideas and therapies to do at home. It's been wonderful working with her. We all love her.

Just last weekend we made some changes to his bedroom - basically making it look more like her place - padded areas to jump and crash safely, stimulating color palettes, variety of textures, etc.

Doug and I just got a new mattress and put our old one (a Tempurpedic King size) on the floor of Anton's room. We got him a peanut ball, onto which he stands and then jumps into the mattress all the while cheering his new mantra, "I can DO IT!" Also a BUSA Play tunnel from IKEA.

We put up a mirror so he can see how fabulous he is. I'm going to Home Depot this afternoon to get flat red latex and tiling grout to paint a cheery red chalkboard surface in his room where he can practice writing and improving his hand skills. Here's how I'm doing it: Custom Color Chalkboard Paint.

We are in week 2 of giving him Nordic Naturals Fish Oil, loaded with DHA and other good stuff - brain food.


Cassandra said...

Love the new bouncy floor and can't wait to see the chalkboard.

Anne Elser said...

Me, too! I want those chalkboards all over the house. LOVE the feel of writing on one.