Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Reggie Ezell Atlanta Primitive to Modern 2012 Calligraphy Classes a la carte!

For those of you who really wanted to take Reggie's second year long class but couldn't commit to the whole year, Reggie has made a very special offer to let people sign up for the remaining sessions a la carte.  

These sessions are project based and fairly contained so even if you haven't been in previous sessions with Reggie, you'll be able to do them and not be lost.

These means you get to learn incredibly cool techniques like gilding and illuminating on vellum and take a finished (or nearly finished) piece home!!!!

You may sign up for any of these workshops at this time.  We only have 4 spaces in each one.   Registration is first come first served. 

Workshop dates and descriptions are below.  
Hours run 8:30am-6:00pm each day.  
The location: The Mendez Center near where GA-400N splits off from I-85N.

The fee for each weekend workshop is $300.  
Please let Victoria Lansford know if you'd like to sign up for any of the sessions.  

All of the photos are of artworks by Reggie's students in previous years of Primitive to Modern.  More images of students work can be found on Reggie's website.
Lettering, Color, and Gold on Vellum

Apri 14 &15 
by Maria Helena

Workshop description:  The Book of Kells, Medieval manuscripts, the Saint John Bible: all are on calfskin vellum: regarded as the supreme surface for calligraphy and illum-ination, that will endure millennia. Two days of hands-on, in-depth experience will begin the journey of preparing and working on vellum.

Illumination on Vellum

June 9 & 10 
by Louona Tanner

Workshop description:  We will traverse no less than 1300 years in seeking to amalgamate illumination techniques from the Codex Aureus with designs from some of the greatest lettering artists of our day.

Primitive to Modern 
(session name is same as whole course title)
Aug 4 & 5 
by Carolyn Leuders

Workshop description:  As far back as the 5th century, stretching forward to our times, a handful of rare manuscripts were created on vellum stained purple with brazil wood dye. A piece of this rich, velvet-like surface will be provided to each student to produce a small gem in gilding. Switching historic time zones we will engage in creating modern layouts with contemporary media and design techniques. Thus begins the process of merging ancient, present and future.

Deconstructing the Grid
Oct 27 & 28
by Eugenia Uhl
Workshop description:  Abstraction and fragmentation with collage, but user-friendly. Was that one Uber- oxymoron? We will use an absolutely new medium that is joyfully simple.


Experiencing the Book as New Structure.
Dec 1 & 2
by Sally Theus
Workshop description:  Why do we refer to books? Usually they are dependably informative: predictable, sequential, even annotated. But what if they weren't? What if you didn't even know what direction to turn the page. What if it were a confusing, delightful journey. It could be.

Victoria Lansford
Artist, metalsmith, calligrapher, educator, 
and author of the Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters instructional book and DVD series and the iMakeJewelry iPhone™ app.

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