Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Naughty Ledger Completed!

Finally finished Maren Smith's Ledger last week. This is a secret belgian bound book that opens to a healthy 17 x 11 full spread. About an inch thick, each page is lovingly lined in delicate gray hairlines on a smooth ivory sheet.

Collaged on the front are various hand made and vintage papers in a blue/green family. Customized calligraphic title "My Naughty Ledger" is hand painted on the front using FW inks and a 00 round sable brush.

This book is housed in a snug case with a window that can reveal which ever part of the title you like. Had I more time, I would have painted on the opposite cover "My Good Girl Ledger."

Cheers! If you're interested, contact me for a quote. Christmas is just around the corner!

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