Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Cards & Envelopes Workshop

Oh, the fun we had on November 19th & 20th! My first Holiday Cards & Envelopes workshop at Binders was a success, thanks to the brave mark-makers, inkers, painters, calligraphers, typographers & printmakers. Everyone did something different and all the cards were amazing - not to mention the envelopes.

This is Noah. Hard at work and having fun. He did a lot of experimenting and mixing of styles. For his "Holidays card" he worked on flourishing and adding weight to his downstroke. 

The MEH card comes from his great sense of humor.

And he did an amazing job of scripting, inking and printing his addresses. This zip code knocks me out.

Norma created two sets of cards. Saturday she made a series of cards using Uncial both with a steel nib and a flat brush. Go Norma! On Sunday she worked on a candy cane card - white ink on red paper. She's really good with that brush!

Jeannie created a collaged, calligraphed and zentangle card series using white ink on red paper - torn out and pasted to the larger card. She finished up with a silver hairline to dangle the snowflake ornaments from. It was wonderful to watch her.

Julia got DOWN with the ruling pen and a series of beautiful ochre and umber inks. Her message was all about gratitude - very appropriate with Thanksgiving around the corner.

Mary did a lot of experimenting with colored pencil to get her swing on. Once the flow was there, she switched techniques and bought a Speedball block printing set and carved her message, inked it up and pressed hot red candy ink into thirsty white paper. LOVE that Mary. To finish up, she used red ink on a pointed pen nib. Great contrast!

And lastly, I worked on the composition of my message, yet to be finished. I should probably stop writing now and get to work on those cards!

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