Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Ink

I've always wanted to get my shit together enough and post about the handmade Christmas cards I've done over the years. I should have been saving them all along, because I've wasted a good hour hunting these images down and there are a few years I can't find. I started in 1998. I think the first card I made was a slice of cake and the middle filling layer of icing said "peace." Wish I still had it. I should make another.

I now have a folder on my drive dedicated to my ever growing collection of cards. Someday when I'm long gone, someone might publish them. And then reprint. :) Wouldn't that be nice?

So here are the cards I cold find, with a little story about each one.

The 2002 card I made in response to 911. Sentimental, patriotic and full of optimism. What I love most about America. 

The 2005 card got gutsy. I really made two versions. This was the naughty one. A lino print and MAN did I love sending these out. :)

2006 must have been a really good year for me. I remember making these and feeling really peaceful. I zipped through them. I think this was the first year out on my own as a freelance designer/calligrapher. Great year!

2007 was another lino cut. I added a little red bird in the snow. I sent these to clients, too, who framed them!

I loved making these red flirty mittens. 

2009 marked the birth of My Real Self. It was the year I officially left the church, found God on my own and learned to forgive. I had been seeing my good friend Debra Armentrout, who showed me to myself as nothing but Love and Light. Since then I've been seeing it in other people. Oh, what a beautiful life this is.

So I have found God again and this time we're really singing. 2010 was a year of immense change for us and has showed no signs of stopping or slowing down. This card is my favorite yet. No longer pining for love of a kiss underneath the mistletoe, I realized I was the mistletoe itself. Fuck YES, this has been an AWESOME year. T H A N K  Y O U  G O D.

This year's card will be even more fun. I've taken two enlightening calligraphic workshops and they've put me on a clear path to an enriching calligraphic career. I am STOKED. So! This is the sketch and I've been working on the inked version for a few days now. 

Last weekend I led a "Holiday Cards and Envelopes" calligraphy workshop at Binders and sat side by side with everyone. We had a blast and everyone used a different technique. Will post pictures soon. 

I will be making the 2011 cards soon whilst baking cookies during the next month. You'll see the final version soon. Woo hoo! Christmas is almost HERE!


Joel Becker-Sabik said...

Anne, I love these cards and I love your journey. Rock on with your sacred bad self!

Masha said...

2005 is my absolute favourite, then 2008 - the mitten is awesome. It's nice to seen the progress in your calligraphy!

I can't wait to see this year's version!

Best, Masha

Anne Elser said...

Thanks so much for your comments Joel and Masha. I will most def continue to rock on with my sacred bad self! That belongs on a tee shirt! And I agree with you, Masha. Progress can be seen, big time. Mostly I think it has to do with speed. Took me a long time to learn to slow down.

caligrafia said...

Wonderful cards. I love all of them -- though 2007 with the little bird definitely touched my heart. I can totally see why people framed it.

Anne Elser said...

Thanks muchly. :) the little red bird is a fave of mine, too.