Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~:P E A S:~

We have moved onto the green stuff. Look at this happy boy! Look at that big beautiful square smile!


Mary Campbell said...

I love the two nub teeth...he is adorable!

minus five said...

he's so freakin' cute! i can tell we would be best friends. you're lucky to wake up to that every day.

Anne Elser said...

thank you ladies!

he's got a tooth up top soon to emerge.
and he really does smile that big in the morning.
looking up at you in his crib as you bend over to kiss him - he kicks his little legs in excitement. it's wonderful to have someone so happy to see you in the morning!

Nancy said...

Isn't it a pity that when we were 7 months old, our every need met by just kicking our legs, we can't remember it?
Does anyone remember being carried by our daddy when we we're too tired to walk?
I want someone to carry me again.....
and YES Anton is as delicious as he finds the peas.

Nancy said...

I think I'll serve Dad peas tonight. They look so good.